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July 2008 - Posts

CS2008: Code base issues

Hey All,

I've been running into some rather significant issues with CS2008 since I started the process of updating all the code that I had written for CS2007 and prior, to work with CS2008.  A lot of code is either just missing from the code base, or it has been bypassed by what looks like test code.  I've been finding these very specific code bypasses all over the place, all of which cause failures of some sort.

I reported one of these a week or so ago when we discovered that permissions were being completely ignored if a View test was being performed on an object.  The result of that is that everyone can view everything without limitation.  I found a bypass for BLOG Pages being listed in a roller control that always returns the excerpt and will never return the body.  Another issue is that the post code for BLOGs and Forums has been isolated even more, leading to the preview of BLOG posts to not fire events.

I've been trying to keep a list of all the bugs that I've been forced to correct, but the list is getting out of hand.  I can very definitely state that CS2008 is a somewhat stable alpha release with major performance issues.  Since I have other work that needs to be done, this update conversion is going on the back burner and is going to take quite a bit of time to complete.  What normally took 12-16 hours to do, has now exceeded a week with no end in site.  I certainly hope that the CS2008.1 release addresses most of these issues.

I was able to get my calendar control to partially work with the ComponentArts DLLs, but a stand alone version is still a very long way off.  I've been thinking about releasing a beta upgrade version for those who were using the CS2007 version, but that is looking very doubtful at this point.  It would not work for those who have fresh CS2008 installations and would only be a short term stop-gap for those who upgraded to CS2008 before learning that the control does not work.

Take it easy,

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CS2008: Good news for .NET Community Program sites

Last night I sent Rob Howard an email about some concerns that I had with Community Server, one of them being the .NET Community Program.  As for this concern, here is his response:

"The “.NET Community Program” absolutely still exists. I’m sorry, we need to do a better job of making sure people know about this."

A few email exchanges later, I received the CS 2008 .NET Community Program license for this site.  Which means that we will be switching over to CS 2008 very shortly, after I write a CFS module to store objects in the database.  This is also good for those concerned about the Calendar module as it will make it much easier for me to work on it.

Rob said a few other things that made me a lot more comfortable with where Telligent is taking their Community Server and Graffiti CMS products.  Graffiti CMS is targetted for small to mid-sized companies, but it currently isn't ready for this customer base and it was a mistake to release CS 2008 as niether product is ready for release.  Telligent's investment in Graffiti CMS is starting to increase and the first realization of this increase will include forums and wikis.  Once the forums and wikis are available, this customer base will be able to easily move away from Community Server.  Also, Telligent has recently slashed the price of Graffiti CMS from $399 to $99.

He also said, "I can’t provide a lot of details right now, but we’re going to announce some significant business news in the coming weeks that will hopefully make all these pieces fit together for you."  One of the most import things that will be coming up is a true roadmap the includes what they are currently working on, and where they plan to be.  This is something that they completely dropped about a year ago, and he agreed that they need to publish a roadmap and keep it up to date.

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